Sunday, May 06, 2018

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Happy Birthday to me and my baby!

My baby is born today!
This has to be the most special birthday I ever had with my twin. Another member of the family is sharing the same birthday as me. And it’s none other than my very own son.

I undergo c section because of my severe preeclampsia. My estimated due date was supposed to be 15 June. If not for my preeclampsia, I wouldn’t have choose to deliver my baby prematurely today. My baby is officially born on 34 weeks and 3 days.

My preeclampsia had resulted me in having super high blood presssure >170. Normal should be 120. Discovered the illness 2 weeks ago and doctor say I must deliver the baby if not I might harm Myself and my baby. And she gave me a range of date to deliver - one of the dates is my birthday. So after much consideration (Sunday do operation has surcharge on many things + will baby hate me in future when he had to celebrate birthday with me every year.) we decided it will be super special and happy so we choose 6 may.

Operation details
12am On 6 may - check in to hospital Mount Alvernia
1am - got into my single room. Chose the cheapest single that hospital has. Still require close to $5K for C section operation stay
2 am - had my blood test done and change into the night gown from hospital. Nurse had to help me shave the bikini area. Although I did it at home, she still shave to make it super clean. Make me feel so paiseh.and finally can rest
2am to 5am - only slept for like one hour and the rest of the night is half awake half asleep because I am too excited
5am to 6am - husband also awake and also cannot sleep. Waiting for nurse to come in and tell me what to do next
6am - call the nurse in to ask anything that I had to prepare? She say she is still checking the blood test result on the platelets count for my doctor to decide if I can go for half body numb (epidural) or full asleep. Came back and told us doctor say my platelets result good. Can do half body numb. Gave husband and me a form to sign to enter the operation theatre.
7.40am - the surgery team came with a movable bed to bring me to the operation theatre. Feeling scared. Lie on the bed and they push me to the theatre.
8am to 8.20am - Operation Time! They switch me onto the surgery table and poke a IV on my left hand. Today it didn’t feel as pain maybe because I’m poked a few times in the same spot before. Then they ask me to seat up to give me injection for epidural on the lower back. Super scared. Because I’ve never been poke in the back before and I heard that need to inject a very big needle. But to my surprise, it actually doesn’t hurt as much as the IV poke on my hand. Got poke a few times on the back but it’s not really painful. Then I lie down on the table and feel my lower half of body going numb. The operation team works super fast. In a few minutes time, the surgery table is all set up properly, urine cathedral inserted and  disinfect my abdomen. My doctor came in and straight away start her work. My husband is also called in to sit next to my head. He is changed into the operation gown and headwear.
When he sit down, doctor has already started cutting and pulling. I can totally feel the pulling but there is no pain. Which is weird. Husband don’t dare to look at the doctor at all. Then within a few minutes, doctor say baby is coming out already and I heard some gurgling sound. I couldn’t see because of the drape in front but I think she is sucking the fluid out of baby mouth and nose. Then I heard my baby cries. Heavenly. :) Doctor comment that baby cries is quite loud and powerful so should be quite ok. Haha. They took the baby to clean up and do some monitoring and I feel my doctor stiching me up. I think she is also sucking something out from my womb. But I couldn’t see. After a few minutes, the midwife and a pediatrician brought the baby to me and let me had a close hold. My first comment is so small and then I talk to my baby for a few seconds. He is still crying which makes me a little sad. They took photo of baby me and husband then took baby away to NICU because he is not breathing very well. Husband went with them and I waited on the surgery table for my doctor to finish stitching up. Doctor finish her work and left the cleaning up job for the surgery team.
8.30am to 9.15am - transferred me to oberstvation area and I slept a bit because I’m starting to feel really groggy.
9.20am - pushed me back to my room and my legs still numb.

That’s the operation part. The anesthesia is said to work for 6 hours but I think it’s much longer than that. Now (11pm ) then I feel little numb in my legs.

Had a small birthday celebration with Hui fang in my room. But baby is not around because cannot come out from nicu.

He is now in the most critical NICU level because of his breathing. Hopefully tml doctor allows me to walk around and I can go visit my little baby.

Husband is able to go into NICU a couple of times and took photos for me. Feel heart pain looking at baby having so many needles and wires on him. Can’t wait to see him tomorrow.


Friday, May 04, 2018

Friday, May 04, 2018

Lately have been feeling time is slipping out of my fingers so fast.
In 2 days time I’ll be 28 years old and I’ll be delivering my first baby. :)
So surreal
Right now I’m trying to remember the way he moves in my tummy. The feeling will be gone soon. Because he will be in my arms then.
Kind of irritating when he chiku me at my ribs area. But it is a feeling like no other. Imagine someone is poking you but from inside of you. Haha. Sounds scary.

Fate really have a way with things and so unpredictable.
Baby will be born prematurely at week 34 because of my pregnancy complication - preeclampsia. And it’s the severe kind.
Hopefully like what my gynae say. Baby will be born well and doesn’t have to stay in NICU.

My last post before I enter motherhood! I’m finally really can be called an auntie.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Hello! Long time didn’t update. How are you all?

Today saw my PJC chemistry teacher Mr Lim at Bukit Panjung Plaza!
Didn’t went to say hi to him because I think he won’t remember me.
But I remembered that we gave him a fake present for teachers day.. Ah memories.
Went to find that video again and luckily my old jc blog still have it.

Anyway Happy new year!  Today is 3 Jan 2018. Time really passes by so super fast.
2017 zoom past so fast.

Didn’t set any expectations for 2017. But for 2018 I have one definite wish.

To give birth to a healthy baby!

This is so exciting. Can’t believe my pregnancy has reached 4 months mark.
I’m already in my second trimester where everything should be more stable now.
Hopefully all the tests and checks go well and I won’t have any more surprises.
I am finally feeling my baby moving in the tummy. So magical. Although sometimes I don’t know is it gas in my tummy or baby moving. But sometimes I can tell it’s definitely the baby.

Ps: I’m still playing neopets in December because I won’t forget there are free gifts. Haha

Bye bye!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

Hello ~ to anybody who still read my blog.

It's end of 2016! The year is coming to an end in 2 weeks time.

I think I did not list any new year resolution last year. And that's good! because I wouldn't have achieve them anyway. Haha

This year was very eventful for me.
Achieved quite a few but important milestones.

Married with my love and we went on a (nearly~) one whole month of break. First time travel to Europe and the biggest highlight was the vacation in Finland. Even though, no aurora can be seen. But I still find the five days in Finland super memorable. How I was almost killed when I lost control of the husky sledge and fly off to the ground. Hahaha. Luckily the snow was thick enough and I only suffered some scare.

My long term project with ST ended and I finally start on a project which requires me to code a lot. All the while I keep asking myself, how did I end up in this programming career. Why did I even learn this kind of things in the first place! But looks like it's a career with a good future. So I should try to live with it.

Say hi to my BTO! Got the keys after four years of waiting. Now It's still not renovated. Defects checking still. Already know who to hire for renovation. Hope can be done and move in by march 2017. :)

Ended my three year relationship with  ST. I finally leave the company.It's not that its bad but I'm getting to comfortable there and I should keep moving on. Join U R A and again, I'm in the department related to programming again~ I keep asking myself WHY AM I IN THIS CAREER. But seems like its the only profitable and shining job for me now. Kind of jealous of those in admin work. So relax. Maybe when I retired or when I have earn enough, I can take up part time admin jobs and relax.

Hopefully, there will be important milestones achieved in 2017. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

All the best! All is good~~~

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Hello everyone. In case you still read my blog, thank you because I don't even read it. lol

It's April already. Time flies so fast and in a blink of eyes, I'm already blissfully married for 3 months.


What are the differences you may asked? Before and after marriage life.

Well, the biggest difference is that the expenditure was a lot lesser after marriage.  We eat more at our parents' home. We spend less time wandering around shopping centers, which in turn wasting less money on shopping. The time spend around driving is lesser, which in turn leads to less expenses on petrol.

So... Number 1 is save more money.

Number 2. We get to spend so much more time with each other.

Not that we did not spend time together before that but we see each other practically from morning to night everyday. (Excluding weekdays when we have to work). We get to see each other ugly and pretty sights everyday.  Sometimes it's annoying when he does things that I don't understand. However, it still a wonderful feeling when I get to see his face every morning. I read something from facebook recently and I think its totally true. "Once you get a taste of sleeping next to someone, sleeping in your own bed alone sucks." So true! :)

Number 3. We have a lot more free time.

Because my workplace is currently so near to my husband house, I saved like 2 hours of commuting everyday. Morning I could wake up at 7.25am and nua until 7.35am then start preparing, and I can reach my office at 8.15am. So happy. Go back home at 6pm and reach home at 6.30pm. Eat dinner and clean utensils ... 7.15pm. And I have the rest of the evening to do what I want. My hubby also can do what he wants. So good. I really hope my workplace won't change so fast. Let me enjoy the convenience for a longer while. ~pray~

Anyway, I would like to tell my office people. Stop stalking me. LOL.
Although I also like to stalk people. XD

My office has a lot of drama recently. But they are all still very close to me. I hope the very best for everyone.
Sick ones get well. Stressed ones get out of OT cycles soon. Heartbreak ones get your gf/bf soon. In love ones get your marriage cert soon. Want to get out ones get your new job soon.

I also hope I can get a govt job. If I get one, I will definitely stay in there until I retired. 铁饭碗.I want.



Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

 Its 30 December 2015!
2 years since I last post an entry. 
How are you guys?

Time passes so fast. In 10 days time, I'm gonna be married to the guy of my dreams.

What am I busy with right now? 

  1. Well, I'm still doing my photo montage with Adobe After Effects software. Damn difficult. Even though I'm using a free template , it is still difficult. It's completed halfway so I think I will be able to finish in 3 days time.
  2. I'm also doing the Gate crash things. Luckily got my kind and thoughtful twin and elder sis to help. If not, I'll be super busy.
  3. Schedule for the actual day. Just need to edit on the schedule that Po did.
  4. Emcee script. Yong Sheng is super nice. Agree to be my emcee straightaway, despite not contacting him for so many years.
  5. Becoming a little slimmer. Very hard I know but nevermind.
  6. Thinking of the vows to say during rom. I think of some already but still hard to think.

What am I feeling now?
Actually, it feels unreal. To have a mrs or mdm infront of my name is weird. I am excited but at the same time, hoping it will not come so soon as I have many things to do. All my friends are giving me advice on what to do and I'm grateful for that. I'm also feeling happy that wedding is not a one person kind of thing. My fiance has been very understanding and we didn't have big fight when planning for wedding. I'm sure I have nagged on him for not planning but he is working very hard right now. He makes me feel that I'm not alone in the planning. Happy!

Hope can slim down. Very hard sia.

Anyway, belated Merry christmas! I did not miss a single of day of Neopets Advent Calendar this year. Yeah!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!  Hope Everyone are having a great time today!

This morning I went to jog with my love. HAPPY! because it has been a long time since the last time I exercise. :)

Tml will be another good day because my company having Christmas lunch and movie! Yeah!Great week!!